Monday, November 22, 2010

I hate this time of the year

Marcus is sick, AGAIN!  I swear it's been like a never ending battle the last 2 months.  Poor thing barely gets a week or two to re-coup before he is sick again.  The runny nose hasn't stopped in weeks, and his cough came back again yesterday.  We were up half the dang night coughing.  Some friends told me about giving him honey before bed to help with the coughing, so I'm gonna give that a try tonight.  Here's hoping!

Other then that the weekend was pretty uneventful, except I started my Christmas shopping and I'm about half way done.  WOOHOO!  Thursday we had conference with Jay's teacher and received her report card.  She did wonderful all of her grades were in the mid-upper 90's except for one, she got a 78% in social studies.  She doesn't care much for history, but no doubt she will be bringing it up.  I'm a very proud mama!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding plans

Oh that's right after 11 years together Orlando and I are tying the knot.  He "finally" proposed to me back in February.  I started right away looking into planning, setting a date, picking colors, choosing MOH and bridesmaids.  It's been 9 months since he put a ring on it and I have done nothing.  We still don't have a date, I kinda have colors and flowers picked out, no venue, I haven't been dress shopping, NADA!  Looks like he'll get that long engagement he wanted.  LOL

So if you have any wedding tips I would love to hear them, this will be a big DIY wedding since we are not very financially blessed.  I'm going with some shade of blue for the colors, and I love love love Calla Lilies.  I also want a spring May/June wedding.  I had set a date for this May but it's my little sisters high school graduation and she was unsure (and still is) of graduation date.  I would hate to have scheduled my wedding for the same weekend as her graduation.

Vanilla latte, and a pumpkin pie latte

A half a pot of regular coffee, a venti vanilla latte, then 2 hours later a tall pumpkin pie latte this is what it has taken to wake me up today.  The kids are great!  M is finally getting over his cold, coughing is no longer leading to vomiting and no sleep, and he is eating again!  Of course now Jay has a runny nose, and my throat feels like crap.  Such is life.  Tomorrow is a half day for Jay and our conference with her teacher is at 3.  Jaylin is a very smart little girl (and no I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom), she always has amazing grades and her teachers all love her so I'm excited as always for her conference.  Friday she is off school, so she will be spending the day with her bff, then when I get off work both girls will stay at my house.  Her bff's mom is going out and I'm keeping her daughter.  Fun times, I've always enjoyed having kids over.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A different post

The kids are fine and doing nothing different so I thought maybe a different kind of post was in order today.  Let's talk about parenting.  Parenting by far is one of the hardest jobs you will ever come across.  Every decision we make for or with our kids has an impact on their lives.  From breastfeeding/formula feeding, cloth diapers/disposable diapers, to vaccinate or not, to circumcise or not, to co-sleep or not, to let them cry it out or not, everything we do from day 1 of their little lives has an impact.  Now everyone has their own personal opinions on all the things I mentioned above, and that's ok, that is exactly what makes the world go round.  All I ask of every parent in this world is to take the time and make an effort to know exactly why you are making the decision you are.  Hopefully you'll have a better answer then because so and so did it and their kid is fine. :-)

My parenting: When I had Jaylin I was 19 years old.  I co-slept a little for the first month or so, did not breastfeed, and didn't sleep train til close to 9 months and it was 1 night.  She was fully vaccinated from day 1, and I honestly never read a book about parenting in my life.  I was 28 when I had Marcus.  Lots of time, maturing and growing up had taken place between kid 1 and kid 2.  I am a completely different mother now then I was even 3 years ago.  I have made it my mission in life to be educated about things like vaccines, and food preservatives.  I guess it helps that M is an extremely "difficult different" child then Jay was.  Different in a good way of course.  M was breastfeed for about 7 weeks, co-slept for a good while, I wear him even now at 30lbs, and I would love to have some cloth diapers, but being as he is over 2 it would be stupid to buy some now.  When you know better, hopefully you do better.  More then likely a 3rd child is not in the cards for myself and I'm at peace with that.  However if I do have a 3rd child I can tell you a few things right now.  I will have a med free natural labor (maybe even at home), that child will not be circumcised or vaccinated (at least for a long time if at all) I will make it a goal to make sure that child is breastfeed for at least a year, and I will for sure be purchasing some cute little cloth diapers.  In fact I have a friend who was a store selling cloth diapers, slings, and much more.  If you don't know about Cloth and Carry check it out here.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend in review

Happy Monday!  I loathe Monday's!!!!!!  So Friday I get a phone call around 11am from my babysitter telling me M is pretty sick.  Can't breath, isn't eating, coughing constantly and it's making him vomit.  I left work to go get him and take him home.  The pedi's office told me I could give him some Mucinex for all the coughing/drainage.

So you know we still don't have a car, since some *&&%%*&* stole ours several months ago.  I hoped on the bus to go to Jay's school to borrow my friends car to get M from the sitters.  There isn't a bus close to my sitters house and I wasn't about to pay $30 for a cab, or walk with a sick kid.  So my friend was letting me borrow her car, she's been my lifesaver.  Anyway I get to school grab her keys and as I am walking away from the building I hear someone say Ma'am.  I turn around and it's one of the ladies from the office that I know pretty well.  I greeted her and she walked up beside me and said "Be careful walking to your car, we are going on lockdown, so hurry up and just be careful!"  I was like WTF?  I asked her what was going on and she just said again, walk quick and be careful!  As I was walking down to the car I passed a class of kids, walking back inside with their teacher.  As I passed them another teacher yelled outside to her that the school was on lockdown and there was an intruder alert.  The kids starting running inside.  I get in the car and pull off to get M.  I am FREAKING.THE.HELL.OUT!  I just left my baby girl and the school possibly had an intruder.  I just wanted my baby.  But at that point they weren't letting anyone in or out and I was stuck because I had to get my sick little boy and I didn't want to leave my baby girl.  UGH.  Anyway I get M and while I was at the sitters a friend from school called me to let me know that there was an attempted abduction from the playground but from what they knew it was a family issue.  Ok that calmed me a little bit but not a lot.  I knew Jay wasn't on the playground, but what if this crazy guy was roaming the halls with a gun or something.  People are crazy!!!!  My friend kept me updated.  They ended up being on complete lockdown for about 20 minutes, they stayed on lockdown for 90 minutes, but it wasn't a complete hiding lockdown the whole time, just no one in, no one out.  When I picked Jay up from school I found out that the whole story of the attempted abduction was a lie brought about by a 8th grader who got caught skipping school.  Thankfully the kids where never in any danger.  But I would love to get my hands on this 8th grader, the whole school for the first 20 minutes of lockdown was hiding in their classrooms.  HIDING!  My daughter was terrified as she hide under the coat rack in the back of her room for 20 minutes.  GRRRR

Saturday and Sunday went about the same, cleaning, cooking, and chilling.  We went no where and did nothing outside.  It was cold and dreary.  M is still a bit sick, runny nose, cough, and not eating much.  Here's hoping for a good week for all of us.

Friday, November 12, 2010


TGIF!!!!! I love Friday's and payday Friday's are even better! Let's play catch up for a minute.
Halloween was fabulous! M was a monkey and Jay was prom queen. OMGosh! I ended up not using one of my dresses. My mom found a bridesmaid dress at the second hand store in her town for $5, and it was a womens size 4. All I had to do was pin the straps and clip the back a little and it fit like a glove. The both looked so cute and had an absolute blast! I had an MRI last week to see what is going on with all my back pain. Turns out I have 2 bugling discs. FUN! No wonder I've been in so much pain. Plan will be physical therapy and possibly steroid injections. Jay's conference is next week not this week. M is sick, again! We didn't get much sleep last night. Poor little man has so much congestion and mucous that he can't breath. Then he starts coughing and vomits up all this phlegm ewwwww. LOL

Not much in the way of plans for the weekend. It's supposed to get chilly this weekend and rainy. Grocery store today, most likely nothing all weekend. It's ok I enjoy "boring" weekends sometimes. I hope you all have a great Friday and blessed weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beautiful Weather

We have been having wonderful weather this week here in the miserable mid-west. LOL High temps in the mid 70's in November is a blessing around here. But alas all good things must come to an end (i don't understand that really, WHY must good things come to an end?) this weekend the temps will be crashing back to "normal" for the miserable mid-west.

Yesterday I picked Jay and her friend up from school and we spent about 3 hours at the park. We all had a lot of fun. One of my girlfriends brought her 10yo daughter up (the girls are friends with her as well) and the 3 of them were off and playing all afternoon. The other mom and I got to sit and chat about anything/everything and nothing at all for hours. I don't get much time out with other adults so it was a bit refreshing. We split up after a few hours and the girls and I went to get M from the sitters. We then took him to a different park and let him run and play for about 45 minutes. Before taking Jay's friend to her mom.

Then it was a normal evening at home. Dinner, homework, baths, then bed. I was exhausted, all that fresh air is exhausting. However about 6pm my friend called to tell me her daughter who I watched all day starting vomiting and that continued all night. I sure hope we don't come down with it.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Today is wonderful for several reason. I'm only working a half day WOOHOO and it's 76 degree's outside. One of the last "nice" days left before the dreary cold creeps in. So Jay has a half day at school and I am leaving work soon to get her, take her and her friend to the park. Then when M gets up from his nap at the sitters we will go get him and go back to the park with him.

He loves loves loves the park. The kids and I stopped by one yesterday on our way home for about 20 minutes, but then we had to leave because it was getting dark. He had the biggest meltdown ever when it was time to go. Poor little munchkin just wants to play "side, side mommy". :-)

Hope your Wednesday is just as wonderful as mine is going to be.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Blues

2 days ago was the end of Daylight Savings time. I hate hate hate this time of the year. It's dark when I leave work, and it's getting colder. Winter in the midwest is never fun. You would think after um 30 years I would be used to it, but no I dread it every year. M is a little thrown off by the time change and has been getting up at 5am. Not super early for me since I'm getting up at 5:30 to get ready for work anyway. However it is so nice to have a little quiet time before the kids get up and now I don't have that.

Other then that nothing new really. M pottied on the potty a few times but not much since then. We have our parent-teacher conference with Jay's teacher this week. Not worried about that at all, her teacher absolutely adores her.