Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Teething sucks

M has been getting a set of molars for a good month now. But within the last week I've noticed his canines are right below the surface. Poor thing is uncomfortable and crabby. No one has had a full nights sleep in about a month now and we are all starting to get mean. LOL Please please let these teeth break through soon. I honestly don't know how much more any of us can handle.

Jay is still at ma-ma's house but should be home in the next couple of days. Next Wednesday Donna, Angel, Jay and I are going to see Eclipse! YAY!!!!!!! Yes it's pathetic but we are die hard Twilight fans.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Time!

Summer has finally arrived, it's been made apparent by the 100* temp's everyday. Spring/Summer are really my favorite seasons but seriously 100* with 80% humidity! Not cool, not cool!! It's been really crazy around here lately. My grandfather had bypass 10 days ago and recovery has been really rough on him. Which has meant lots of family time in the hospital waiting rooms. It's unfortunate that he is still in the hospital and will be at least for 3-4 more days, but it is absolutely amazing to me to walk into a waiting room and see 10-12 of my family members there constantly sitting with grandma, or rotating in and out of his room. I love my family!!!!

M is doing really well. We went to Erin's (my cousin) graduation party in the park a couple weekends ago. I was nervous nelly the whole time because there were trays of peanuts on every table. M did NOT get a hold of any peanuts, THANK you GOD, but the poor thing did fall in the grass and immediately break out all over his back. A trip to walmart for benadryl cream was in order. The benadryl cream worked great and FAST! He is loving the warm temp's and being outside. Poor little man is getting about 6 teeth atm. :-( He started saying Stick this weekend and if you use your imagination I bet you can figure out what it sound like. I'll give you a hint, rhymes with stick but begins with a D. Thankfully he only said it a small handful of times.

Jay is loving the fact that school is out. She spent several days over at her bff's house last week swimming away. Yesterday was fathers day and we spent the afternoon/evening with Ma-ma, pa-pa, Kay and Brian. Needless to say somehow I lost my daughter for the week to her ma-ma's house. She will have a blast hanging out with her cool older aunt Kay and all of Kay's friends this week. My daughter hanging out with a bunch of 17yo's does worry me though. LOL She is signed up to do a 2 week dance class down at ma-ma's. She did it last year too, they practice for 2 weeks then they dance at the fair in town. Did I mention that my mom lives in a town with only 900 people? Kay and her gf's coach the girls and do a dance as well. It's really fun to see it, last year I was unable to go to the fair so my mom recorded it. I'm praying I can make it this year.