Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

Whew after the last 3 days it's almost a vacation day going back to work. Let me layout last weekend for ya.

Friday morning up at 5:30 as usual to get ready for work. Pa-pa picked M up from the babysitters so he could spend the weekend with Ma-ma, bubba, and Kay kay. 2:00 I leave work to finish getting things together for Jay's birthday party. 5:30 Jay's party! It was wonderful! She had 9 girlfriends show up and the kids all had a blast! We didn't get home from the party til 10pm man it was a long day!

No M but for some reason I'm up at 7am....oh yea I remember why Girl Scouts. Jay and I had April Showers with Girl Scouts saturday morning. April Showers (for those who don't know) is an annual event where one Saturday the girls put out bags, then the following Saturday we pick them up. It's usually household items, female products, baby items that all get donated to our local shelters. April Showers this year was ok, not our best year, but our troop did collect 1100 items for our shelters! All the items have to been sorted, counted, and bagged. This went on until about 2pm. After we were finished several of us went out to lunch with the girls. My girlfriend and fellow troop leader decided to leave our girls with her husband and hit up a thrift store close by. It's been a very stressful couple of weeks for me so some retail therapy (even at a thrift store) was very welcome. I ended up getting a couple outfits for both of the kids. Saturday night was wonderful for Jay and I. It's been a very long time since her and I were able to spend some quality alone time together.

Again M is at ma-ma's and I am up at 8am. Thanks bladder!!! The kids and I have started going to a new church with friends of ours. As an adult I have had a hard time finding a church I feel comfortable with. While M is too young to understand church, Jay has gone off and on her whole life and really enjoys going. So off to church her and I go with our friends. The service was great and empowering. We went back to our friends house after church. Jay and A played together while us adults enjoyed some coffee on the gazebo. Jay wanted to stay and play for a while so mom went home for some much needed house cleaning and laundry. My most favorite things to do.

It was an incredibly busy weekend! As much as I did not want to come to work today I'm glad I have a few hours where I'm not running around. ;-)

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