Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food allergies

Living with a child with many food allergies sucks. We have now had 5 months to adjust and make sure any "bad" food is always out of his reach. However taking him to someone else's house is a nightmare. The first place I go to when I walk in someone's house is the kitchen to make sure there isn't any "bad" food in his reach. It's always a constant worry when he isn't with me or when we go somewhere new. The holidays are going to be a NIGHTMARE. lol

I get really upset about it sometimes. I shouldn't M is a healthy child and I remind myself of that often. But at the same time I just wish I didn't have to constantly worry about him eating something that could potentially harm him. Dairy and Nuts are my big fears. He has been dairy free for 4 months now, and not to long ago I gave him a little bit of a dairy product just to see. Yea that didn't work so well, poor thing had green stools for 3 days afterwards. Nuts are much more of a concern. We have 2 epi-pens that are with us/him constantly, but the thought of EVER needing to use that scares the crap outta me.

Thankfully my family and friends are wonderful, and just as watchful over him as I him. Even better is his sister. Jay is an amazing big sister and she reads every label of everything she eats to see if M can have some. I really am blessed.

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