Friday, December 3, 2010


Well it's official winter is here.  We had snow on Thanksgiving and right now it's 28 degrees here in the miserable Midwest.  I'm cold!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a great day.  My mom's side of the family all met at my Aunt and Uncles house around 12.  Our first holiday without gramps was a little rough but we made it of course.  It was great to hang out with everyone all day.  I really <3 my family.

Marcus is going through a clothing/diaper's are optional phase.  It sucks!  Several times now I have gone to bed only to find him a) completely butt naked, b) no clothes but diaper still on, or c) playing in his own feces that is a now all over the place.  Toddlers are nasty!!!!!  I think  for Christmas I'm going to buy him one of those training seats that sits on the big toilet.  He has a real nice potty chair that makes noises, but honestly I think he's scared of it.  He knows when he has to pee/poop and will tell us but will not sit on the potty. *sigh*

Jaylin is doing great!  Counting down the days til Christmas and driving herself nuts trying to guess what her already wrapped gifts are.  Bhahaha I'm an evil mama.

Have a great day!

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