Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding plans

Oh that's right after 11 years together Orlando and I are tying the knot.  He "finally" proposed to me back in February.  I started right away looking into planning, setting a date, picking colors, choosing MOH and bridesmaids.  It's been 9 months since he put a ring on it and I have done nothing.  We still don't have a date, I kinda have colors and flowers picked out, no venue, I haven't been dress shopping, NADA!  Looks like he'll get that long engagement he wanted.  LOL

So if you have any wedding tips I would love to hear them, this will be a big DIY wedding since we are not very financially blessed.  I'm going with some shade of blue for the colors, and I love love love Calla Lilies.  I also want a spring May/June wedding.  I had set a date for this May but it's my little sisters high school graduation and she was unsure (and still is) of graduation date.  I would hate to have scheduled my wedding for the same weekend as her graduation.

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