Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Today is wonderful for several reason. I'm only working a half day WOOHOO and it's 76 degree's outside. One of the last "nice" days left before the dreary cold creeps in. So Jay has a half day at school and I am leaving work soon to get her, take her and her friend to the park. Then when M gets up from his nap at the sitters we will go get him and go back to the park with him.

He loves loves loves the park. The kids and I stopped by one yesterday on our way home for about 20 minutes, but then we had to leave because it was getting dark. He had the biggest meltdown ever when it was time to go. Poor little munchkin just wants to play "side, side mommy". :-)

Hope your Wednesday is just as wonderful as mine is going to be.

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